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Offering original high quality paintings using bold colors, depicting cultural stories using mixed media and textures. Also offering one-of-a-kind functional art in the forms of resin trays and coasters. Prints and merchandise of select paintings also available for a diverse choice.


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what to expect.

Before you decide to take the journey to navigate this site, here's a quick review of what is offered and what you can expect:

about the artist.

Nargis Naqvi in Milton


Salam and Peace!


Thank you for stopping by. Now that you are here, let me share a bit about myself. I have been painting since grade school but never thought I'd get to share it with the world. But one fine day I realized, why not? I am so passionate about my stories of women, with beautiful south asian clothes, their complex lives, all of course stemming from my own experiences, my own challenges and what I have lost and gained, as a woman, a wife, daughter, mother and friend.

But as an artist, I can't ignore my beautiful nature, so you will see some floral textured art as well. And what can I say, my heart loves painting the Kaaba, Masjid al Nabawi and Al Aqsa: The three holy mosques!


I hope you are able to go on this journey with me and find a place in your home for my art - from my heart. Thank you! xoxox

p.s. Please don't forget to follow my socials and give me some love, for free!

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Mixed media artist from Ontario, Canada

Paintings | Resin Trays | Life Coach



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